Dream Avatar

Item Pose Price
Moody Heart Clouds5,000,000,000
Black Tennis Socks720
Black Heartstring10,030,700,000
Classic Record Earrings800
Erlking Ears Type C5,400
Street Fighter IV Megapack350,000,000
Bad Dog Leash10,000,000,000
Xmas 2k13 Wreath Halo70,000,000
Lucifer's Wings500,000,000,000
Horns of the Demon233,000,000,000
Long Drag1,799,999,999
Devil Tail800,000,000,000
Ginga Acceleration9,000,000,000
Steel-plated Ninja Band579,000,000,000
Those Black 90s Gloves980
Panda Slippers41,000,000,000
The Lusty Scoundrel10,000,000,000
Fragrant Heartbeat6,666,666,666
Angelic Manner10,500,000,000
Human C Potion100