Dream Avatar

Item Pose Price
Red Cowboy Bandana600
Silver Revolver899,999,999
Red Heart Droop Chain Belt1,500
Highwire Amaryllis692,000,000
Shiny Black Short Shorts1,920
Inquisitive Eyes Black6,000
Scar of the Warrior189,999,999
Scar Of Duelist3,000
That Black 90s Top2,600
Hollywood Vixen500,000,000
White Propped-up Shades0
Red Suspenders5,100
Black Leather Belt1,675
Moira's Silver Navel Piercing2,700
Mini Dark Red Nitemare Wings20,000,000
Black Cotton Beanie0
Black Heart Arm Tattoo200,000
Trickster's Deceit4,000,000,000
Human C Potion100
Default Mouth 320