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December 17
Divine Intervention: Halos
Le Secret de Winnerie

December 16
Marionette Bangs: Ombre, Warm, Cool, Light

December 10
Some Random Wings
Dear Hana, Elena, Delia, Amita

December 9
Cosmos the Sloth

December 8
Rest of Lunar Lapin CI Items
Dullahan's Margin & Dullahan's Verge
Son of Wardis & Son of Rordis

December 6
Comfy Corner CI items
Credo's Swift Verdict
Frosted Frosting

December 5
Lunar Lapin: Lots of bunnies!
Cartier the Pale Dragon
Ifrit the Dragon
SDPlus Ifrit

December 3
Salon Durem: Scruffy & Swimstar Hairstyle
Mooch LaDrakgon the XIII
Fantasy Reborn Kitten Star
Dark Horangi

December 2
Some items from H&R Wesly Grab Bag
Hipster Affection
Grun Herr Schwartz
Messenger Mina, Maya
XI-14, XI-15
Golden, Vermillion, Cobalt Puppeteer

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