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2015 Feb 26: About 8,000 more items should be working now.

2015 Feb 25: Still working on images, but most thumbnails have been restored. If you notice a thumbnail that doesn't match their item/pose properly, report it here - http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.9671288
Extra Note: Do not report broken items on the avatar itself; those aren't fixed yet and a list of those missing is already known. Once it's time to report those, a message will be posted about it.

2015 Feb 12: There's only about 15,000 images missing, so most items should work now. Male bases may not work properly for a while. If the avatar doesn't load, the image is probably still missing.

2015 Feb 09: More items should be working now, and new inventories can be created and used

2015 Feb 08: Still recovering data from server crash - expect errors

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